An AI that creates images and videos, capable of creating entire collections with your community and deploying Blind Minting NFT collections within minutes.

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Create Images or Videos

Art based on your ideas comes to life at your fingertips. Experience images and videos in the style of your choice, with a level of quality you've never seen before.

A simple 1 min setup, and a "So-Easy-My-Grandma-Could-Do-It" interface within Telegram, Twitter or the Pixia app.

Everything is personalized to meet your needs. Choose your desired aspect ratio, import an image to modify, and enter your desired modifications. The platform ensures that you have full control over the customization process.

Use Pixia AI on Twitter or Telegram to receive instant notifications as soon as your art is ready. Stay updated and be the first to know when your creations are complete, allowing you to share and enjoy them promptly.

Pixia captures your imagination and leaves you breathless. With Pixia, all you need to do is envision, and it provides the stunning creations that bring your ideas to life. Let Pixia's powerful capabilities turn your imagination into reality, leaving you amazed and inspired.

Every art on the App

Every piece of art on the app is a testament to creativity and innovation. Explore a diverse collection of artworks that showcase various styles, techniques, and concepts. Immerse yourself in a world of artistic expression, where each creation tells a unique story and sparks inspiration.

Access all your artwork within the app and easily organize them into off-chain collections. Additionally, you can create a collection on a Telegram group, and the app will automatically group all the art shared by users in that group. This seamless process ensures that all the artwork contributed by members of the Telegram group is effortlessly added to the collection on the app. Enjoy a convenient and collaborative way to manage and showcase your art in one place.


Creating NFTs has never been easier

Creating your NFT is just one click away. Access your profile on the app, select an art piece, and click "Create NFT." It's as simple as that! Enjoy the streamlined process of turning your artwork into unique and valuable NFTs with ease.

Need an NFT collection? Easily select your art and organize it into off-chain collections. Then, you have the choice between a personal on-chain collection or a blind mint. With a blind mint, your collection can be listed for anyone to mint on-chain. It's a fantastic way to engage with your audience and showcase your art to a wider community. Explore the options and unleash the potential of your collections with ease.

Blind Mint NFTs

How to get $PIXIA

The $PIXIA token is already available on several decentralized exchanges (DEX) on the Ethereum network. $PIXIA has a fixed supply, and no new $PIXIA tokens will be minted. When available, all centralized exchange (CEX) platforms will be displayed below.

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Community powered NFT Collection

Collaborate with your community to create unique AI images and videos. Choose the pieces you love on the dApp and create a community-made NFT collection.

  • Compatible With Most

    NFT Marketplaces

  • Collaborative

    Crypto Projects

  • Mint Normal Collections or

    Blind Mint

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